Navigate accounts effortlessly. With the Ultimate Account app for Salesforce, you gain a holistic view into your client accounts. Roll them up, filter them and dive into the details with complete control.


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See the big picture and the details

Salesforce is the leading client-management platform, but it’s designed to manage a single account, not a complex configuration of related accounts.

For organizations that manage complex, multi-tiered accounts, seeing those accounts clearly and holistically has always been a challenge. The result is a lack of visibility and co-ordination that prevents account teams from delivering excellent client service and maximizing sales opportunities.

For companies that need to be able to see the big picture across multiple accounts, there is now Ultimate Account.

Ultimate Account lets you navigate complex account hierarchies effortlessly and instantly access the information that’s most important to your business. Roll up accounts for a holistic view, click through to individual account details, and assign custom filters that help you eliminate noise and pinpoint the opportunities, trends, activities, and revenue streams that drive your business success.

It’s ideal for a wide range of industries, including media, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, wholesaling, and any company serving a Fortune 1000 clientele or accounts that consist of multiple departments or sub-brands within a parent company.

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Designed in consultation with Fortune 1000 companies

Ultimate Account was developed in direct response to the needs of our clients.

Over the course of hundreds of Salesforce implementations, we saw the need for a solution that integrated seamlessly with Salesforce and delivered an enhanced level of cross-account visibility and control. With the creation of Ultimate Account, these organizations can get this level of functionality from an affordable, tested, out-of-the-box software solution instead of having to invest in custom development.

Designed to support complex, fast-moving businesses that prioritize customer service, Ultimate Account is now used by companies in media and ad sales, property management, manufacturing, and many other key verticals.

Designed for complex, fast-moving industries

  • Gain better visibility and control over accounts
  • Measure performance more accurately
  • Drive greater user adoption and engagement
  • Support closer collaboration among teams
  • Identify more opportunities and close them faster

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