Salesforce1 Spring ’15 Release: Salesforce1

See more record details on object home pages (tablets only)

Salesforce’s take:

To take advantage of the larger screens on tablets, Salesforce1 uses a different object home page interface than what’s provided on smartphones. Tablet users can see more details about recently viewed records, directly access standard and custom list views and search across other objects as well as the current object. The tablet version of object home pages is currently only available in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app.

Selecting an object such as Accounts, Groups, or Dashboards from the Salesforce1 navigation menu opens the object home page (previously called “record search page” in the Salesforce1 help).

Salesforce1 Spring '15 Release object home page

  • Object home displays a list of recently viewed records (1), with more details than users see on a phone.
  • Users can access 200 of their standard and custom list views directly from the list view menu (2), without having to first access any list views in the full Salesforce site. List views are full-featured and show the same record details as the full site.
  • Users can sort the recent records list by field, in ascending or descending order. For example, a sales rep could sort the list of recent leads by the Lead Status field to group all qualified leads together. The easiest way to sort is to tap a field column header. Or tap the sort button in the action bar and a select a field (3). Sorting isn’t available for the Recently Viewed Records list on Salesforce1 on a phone.
  • Object-specific searches work differently from the search experience on mobile phones. The search box on object home pages has been replaced by the search icon in the Salesforce1 header (4). This icon opens a search box that is automatically scoped to the current object (5). A user can also select a different object to search from the search scope bar, without having to navigate away from the object home page.
    Salesforce1 Spring '15 Release search contacts

Our take:

This update is further evidence that Salesforce wants to fully leverage the advantages that are particular to a user’s individual devices. Tablet users can fully utilize the extra screen real estate in Salesforce1 to view more valuable information on the record detail screens. Items such as accessing your list views, recently viewed objects, and object specific searches makes the tablet experience feel more functional, just like its desktop counterpart.

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