Salesforce Spring ’15 Release: User Interface

Import Accounts & Contacts with Ease

Salesforce’s take:

A new wizard was created to make importing accounts and contacts easier from LinkedIn, Gmail, MailChimp, etc.

Salesforce Spring 15 Release User interface import contacts

Our take:

Although, the wizard allows for importing of contacts from multiple sources, it still requires you to prepare and work with the data. Additionally, some sources, specifically LinkedIn, still require a CSV file to be used, which is no different from the previous import wizard.

Middle Name & Suffix Fields for Person Objects

Salesforce’s take:

Middle name and suffix fields are now generally available. The fields are available on the following objects: Contact, Lead, Person Account and User. To enable this, users can click Setup>Customize>User Interface.

Our take:

Previously, these features were in beta and only available if you contacted Salesforce Support. Now that it is generally available, all users can reap the benefits of this feature. As stated in a prior blog post, this has been especially important for companies with international customers, where multiple names are used not only in communications, but also in contracts.

An important note: It took 700 votes for this change to take place. Although that seems like a lot, if you really think something in Salesforce needs to be improved to help your business, then make the effort to share your ideas because 700 other people might feel the same way.

Duplicate Management

Salesforce’s take:

Help control whether users are allowed to create duplicate records and report on the duplicated that were allowed to be saved.

Salesforce Spring 15 Release User interface duplicate management

Our take:

Similar to the dupeblocker found on the app exchange, it appears that Salesforce is attempting to build this natively into their products, which is great! With that said, there are some limitations to the duplicate management that should be taken into consideration, before replacing dupeblocker or another duplicate management app.

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