Salesforce Spring ’15 Release: Reports & Dashboards

Salesforce Spring '15

Reports and dashboards: Report notifications

Salesforce’s take on Salesforce Spring ’15:

Users can now sign up for report notifications to stay up-to-date on the metrics they care about most. Users subscribe to a report and set the conditions that should trigger a notification. For example, you can subscribe to an open-issues report and get notified every morning whenever there are more than 20 open issues. Notifications are delivered right to the subscriber, via Salesforce1 notifications, Chatter, or email. Users can even specify that a custom action–defined via Apex–be triggered.

Our take on Salesforce Spring ’15:

With the introduction of Report Notifications, Salesforce has introduced a featured that is focused on timely, value added notifications rather than simply pushing information out at predefined times. Prior to the introduction of this feature, Salesforce provided the ability to send out reports directly to your inbox.

Although this feature was helpful, it lacked any added value. It simply pushed information to your inbox, regardless of whether or not the information was valuable. If you were a Support Manager, you could have set up a report to be sent to your inbox outlining how many “Critical” Cases were open. This report would be sent out every day, regardless of whether or not the output of the report warranted any action. The report would rerun day after day, saving you clicks by not running the report directly in Salesforce, but providing very little value as time goes on.

The introduction of the Report Notifications feature now adds value to the information that is automatically sent from Salesforce via additional context. You’re no longer forced to look through the same report every day just to check if there is any important information. You can now choose when you want these reports pushed to you, based on specific criteria. As a Support Manager, an email from Salesforce now indicates that there are too many “Critical” cases open, acting as a call to action for a manager.

In addition to email notifications, the Report Notifications feature has the ability to notify subscribers via Salesforce1, with a Chatter post or with a custom action. This flexibility ensures that the notifications from Salesforce are not only timely, but are also sent via the appropriate channels.

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