Salesforce Spring’ 15 Release: Chatter

Salesforce Chatter

Chatter: Creating a Task/Action directly from a post

Salesforce’s take:

The Create New Task action lets users create a task directly from a post in their feed. Action links are buttons on posts that, when clicked, can call a Salesforce or third-party API, download a file, or open a Web page. Developers create action links that integrate Salesforce and third-party services into the feed so that users can take action to drive productivity and accelerate innovation. Developers can create action links in their organization and distribute them in packages.

Our take:

As Salesforce continues to integrate Chatter into all areas of Salesforce, they continue to increase the efficiency of those who are heavy users of Chatter. The introduction of the Create New Task action from a specific Chatter feed item allows users to perform the necessary actions called for by a particular post without having to leave the post itself. This feature allows users of Salesforce to perform their necessary tasks without wasting time and clicks navigating away from Chatter.

This feature also gives administrators and developers the flexibility to introduce company specific actions that will benefit their users directly. This ensures that Salesforce, as with all features, can be configured in a way that matches directly to your company’s requirements.

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