See your financial, marketing, sales and administrative data on a single platform for unprecedented control and clarity.

Gain a 360° view of your business

The information that flows through your organization is a precious resource, and when it can’t be accessed swiftly and holistically, your organization loses a key competitive advantage.

The right Salesforce integration can reveal the true value of your business data and transform the organization. It delivers tangible benefits at every organizational level, empowering customer-service staff to deliver better customer service, salespeople to focus their efforts on the most rewarding prospects, and decision-makers to see opportunity clearly.

By integrating systems on the Salesforce platform, you can:

  • See your business holistically
  • Align business processes more efficiently
  • Significantly reduce user frustration
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual data entry
  • Improve data accuracy and timeliness

Anything is possible: Salesforce integrations can connect your accounting systems, ERP systems, social media platforms, ecommerce platforms, and virtually any on-premise or third-party software. With the right information at your fingertips, you gain new insight into your customers, operations, and profitability.

Proven Salesforce integration success

Successful Salesforce integrations require platform expertise, familiarity with a wide array of business systems, and an understanding of the industry best practices that support your organization’s success. At Shift, we deliver on all points.

Our business expertise includes business consultants from top consultancies such as Accenture and Deloitte, and a client list of hundreds of businesses in media, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and more.

As a Salesforce Alliance Partner with a team of Salesforce-certified architects and developers, we demonstrate the highest level of skill.

And with a track record of over 25 successful Salesforce integration projects, we have proven success in successfully completing integrations for organizations of every size and complexity.

Salesforce integrations with a difference

When you entrust your Salesforce integration to Shift, your project receives:

  • A dedicated architect to map out the integration process
  • Practical guidance on integration and third-party system options
  • An approach that prioritizes user efficiency and the user experience
  • Advanced expertise in accounting-system integration
  • Extensive experience with APIs, apps, middleware, and custom coding