Salesforce Implementation Infographic: The Wrong and Right Way

Salesforce Implementation Infographic

It’s fair the say that Salesforce has carved out an impressive share of the CRM market. From humble beginnings in 1999 – way before the cloud revolution – the company is now competing with tech leaders such as IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. In fact, according to Inc, Salesforce beats those businesses by a long shot, now worth about $4 billion in a $20 billion sector. Salesforce’s successes are well deserved.

While it’s very clear why Salesforce is the No. 1 CRM solution for business of all sizes, being the world leading enterprise cloud ecosystem according to Gartner.   The biggest determinant driving Salesforce adoption lies in the CRM’s ability to adapt to strategic sales initiatives.

However, achieving success with Salesforce isn’t as easy as many are led to believe. There are steps to plan and barriers to circumvent, especially when this mission-critical CRM is tied to the cloud. Here’s a Salesforce implementation infographic: Both Speedy Sales Corp. and Deliberate Deals LLC are eager to get started with their new software, but one company takes the right steps, while the other lets benefits steer bad practices and procedures.

Chapter 1
Speedy Sales Corp. may have taken its time procuring Salesforce, yet in the rush to implement and receive a return on investment from this new platform, the solution is disseminated throughout departments and is up and running in a short period of time.

Deliberate Deals LLC takes a different approach, and instead of opting for a speedy deployment, the company figures that slow-and-steady strategy will ultimately help it win the race. Managers seek help from trusted CRM implementation consultants. Together the two organizations identify goals and benchmarks, getting down to the real reasons for leveraging Salesforce.

Chapter 2
Over at Speedy Sales Corp., employees are hard at work using Salesforce. The platform is already a godsend for the company, as professionals are quickly stacking leads up. However, some staff members aren’t familiar with the Salesforce interface, resulting in some confusion on features and capabilities. If this company encounters a problem, workers simply find a work-around and continue performing their jobs with the help of the CRM.

Deliberate Deals LLC’s employees are working together to agree upon the final destination as guided by Salesforce. Managers begin to assign roles and responsibilities to different departments and staff members, ensuring that all bases are covered before using the CRM.

Chapter 3
The staff over at Speedy Sales Corp. keep coming upon hurdles that they never could have predicted. Salesforce is starting to become a mess, new employees are confused with these processes and many workers are tired of and confused with the tool.

Meanwhile, Deliberate Deals LLC is testing its Salesforce deployment in any probable scenarios. Based on some feedback, the company slightly refines its CRM journey, but this is for the better, managers posit. Employees learn the ropes, and training sessions help them master features and controls.

Chapter 4
Speedy Sales Corp. is in the Salesforce deep end. Without proper prep work, the company quickly runs out of resources, and its Salesforce strategy must backtrack to fix issues and right wrongs.

Deliberate Deals LLC continues down the path to Salesforce success, deploying the solution as planned. Employees reference their past training, and use that knowledge to extract more value from the CRM platform.

Chapter 5
The executives at Speedy Sales Corp. check out the ROI reports of the Salesforce deployment. They are not happy and call off the cloud-CRM expedition.

At Deliberate Deals LCC, managers report Salesforce metrics to executives. Everyone at the company is pleased that their intended destination was easily surpassed, and employees are eager to reach new benchmarks.

Deliberate Deals succeeded because it chose to work with a CRM consulting company, and to avoid becoming Speedy Sales Corp., managers should consider this tale of two Salesforce implementations.


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