When you work with our award-winning team of technical experts and business consultants, we don’t just code—we collaborate.

Custom Salesforce development that moves you forward, faster

As Salesforce developers with a track record of hundreds of successful custom builds, we know the quality of the process is as important as the quality of the code. That’s why we spend more time listening to you and understanding your unique business environment before rushing off to build the solution. It’s also why we follow an agile development model, with more opportunities for you to step in and review the work to ensure it meets your needs.

The result is a solution that integrates seamlessly, supports your business objectives, and can be built and deployed through a custom Salesforce development in less time.

Shift’s custom Salesforce development solution can help you:

  • Automate workflows to improve consistency and reduce service delivery costs
  • Gain greater visibility into your accounts, business activities, and profitability
  • Create an integrated, end-to-end business solution on the Salesforce platform

Our agile, consultative Salesforce custom development process has propelled organizations of every size to greater success—from small businesses to the Fortune 1000.

An experienced, fully accountable development partner

Your relationship with a Salesforce developer needs to be based on trust. With a client list of hundreds of businesses in media, we’ve earned that trust.

We offer our clients the assurance of working with a certified Alliance Partner and a team of senior consultants and certified developers from Salesforce, Accenture, Deloitte, and other world-leading organizations.

Each custom development project is covered by an extensive warranty that ensures your solution fulfils your current requirements and scales to meet the evolving needs of your organization.

Custom Salesforce development with a difference

When you entrust your project to Shift, you benefit from resources no other custom Salesforce development partner can match, including:

  • A thorough discovery and advisory process led by a senior solution architect
  • Agile, collaborative development with more opportunities to review and refine
  • Consultants who understand the limitations and possibilities of the platform
  • Business-process expertise gathered from a wide range of vertical industries
  • Existing software solutions and code that can be used to build solutions faster
  • A solution that’s built to scale and evolve as your organizational needs change
  • A training process that’s tailored to the needs of your users
  • Support services designed to maximize engagement, performance, and ROI