Our deep industry knowledge and agile approach give us a head start in designing the right solution, whether it's configuration, software integration, or custom development.

We know Salesforce, but we also know your industry

While many companies offer Salesforce consulting services, few can match our combination of Salesforce and industry expertise. With hundreds of successful Salesforce consulting engagements in media, manufacturing, healthcare, tech and more, we bring vital industry knowledge to every project. That means we get up to speed faster and deliver solutions that reflect the realities of your industry as well as your need for greater visibility, automation, and integration.

Our methodology: Theme-based and objective oriented

Shift’s delivery methodology is an adaptive, theme-based approach to delivering solutions for our customers that meet their business objectives. We assign our Salesforce Consultants to client projects based on full-time or half-time allotments. This enables Shift to focus on projects and extract the maximum value out of our clients’ Salesforce investment.

Shift’s delivery approach

User stories

Based on predefined themes, Shift’s Salesforce Consultants work with our clients to define user stories that clearly identify the business requirements to be met for each theme.

Sprint planning, rapid prototyping and client feedback

Shift then converts users stories into backlog items. Backlog items are prioritized, grouped into sprints and executed upon.

Regular client walkthroughs and feedback gathering sessions on prototypes ensure our clients’ feedback is captured early and often.

Test, train and deploy

Once all prototypes for multiple themes in a particular sprint / phase of work are complete, Shift executes one or more rounds of user testing with the client for formal sign-off and acceptance.

We then proceed to end-user training and ‘go-live’ with deployment.


Our process concludes with continuous support and monitoring of user adoption in the live system.