Are you ready to boost your Ad Sales game?


Take our 10-question quiz to see if your organization has the competitive advantage of operational efficiencies in how media products are sold, delivered, and supported?

In an advertising world that was once entirely print-based but now is increasingly digital means an industry under change – a change that would have been inconceivable even a decade ago. People are accessing, consuming, and sharing content in more varied ways than ever.  The ongoing quest to reach consumers where they are, and where their eyeballs are looking, means tons of new opportunities to understand, reach, and engage with consumers.

In fact, MarketLine just released its 2014 Advertising Market Overview; it says the performance of the global advertising industry is forecasted to accelerate.  It’s expected to grow from $97.4bn (2013) to $129.5bn (2018) in just 5 years.  Organizations looking to grab their fair share of this market will have to adopt new technology models that give them a complete view of their business, build relationships, and drive ad sales success.

Put your current business model to the test to see if you are already on your way to growth:

  1. Are your business process’ optimized for operational efficiencies’?
  2. Can you easily run sales reports or access real-time data at a click of a button?
  3. Can you quickly/easily find your Advertisers, Agencies and Vendors and see their relationships with each other?
  4. Do you truly collaborate across internal departments?
  5. Are your sales and ad ops working together effectively to deliver campaign results?
  6. Are your processes fully automated and integrated?
  7. Are you archiving both internal and external communications in a shareable format?
  8. Can you quickly see what your sales look like?
  9. Do you have a way of eliminating inventory oversell?
  10. Can you see reconciled forecast vs. actual on campaigns?

If you answered yes to all of these questions – congratulations, you are ready to take on the market by storm.  If you answered no to any of these questions then you have an opportunity to foster sustainable innovation for your media business.

Up your ad sales game to automate and standardize your most important day-to-day activities including media planning, insertion order creation, forecast scheduled revenues based on campaigns, and production.

Join Shift CRM for a live webinar on Wednesday May 28 at 2:00pm EST to see how you can gain visibility into business-critical information such as agency relationships, sales opportunities, departmental performance, media inventory, and forecasted revenues.



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