Salesforce, custom-fitted to keep up with you and your business.

Whether your Salesforce admin team consists of 1 or 10, you could always use some support. Is your Salesforce instance being maintained by someone wearing multiple hats? Not enough hours in the day for your team to keep your org up to date? Shift can help!

Leverage Shift’s years of Salesforce experience to make your life easier

You’ve heard the term many hands make light work, but that’s only true if you have the right hands. Shift’s expert team works with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are being met and problems are being solved. Whether you need help with daily administrative tasks or maintaining custom integrations, Shift has a managed services package to fill the gap.

Your industry doesn’t sit still, why should you?

Your industry is constantly evolving. You and your team are always adjusting to better serve your customers. You strive to stay ahead of the ever-changing nature of your business. You work hard – so why settle for a CRM platform that isn’t working as hard as you do?

At Shift, we believe Salesforce should be as dynamic and adaptive as your approach to business. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to offer custom-scaled customization solutions to elevate your abilities within Salesforce.

Our team of consultants and analysts are passionate about modifying and optimizing Salesforce’s capabilities to make it tailored for you and your business. We’re obsessed with success, and partnering with us means you’re getting the most out of your Salesforce investment.


  • User setup and security
  • Custom fields, validation rules and page layouts
  • Workflows and approval processes
  • Process builder and automation

Data Management

  • Data loads
  • Quarterly data audit
  • Data cleanliness best practices


  • Remedial and ongoing training
  • Centre of excellence and best practices

Development Support

  • Custom code and integration support
  • Adoption and usability

Release Management

  • Custom Salesforce release review
  • Actionable insights and recommendations
  • Release testing

Reports and Dashboards

  • Custom reporting
  • Custom dashboards

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