The customizable CRM: a platform of possibility

Customizable CRM

The media landscape in flux

The media business is constantly changing. It seems like every time you blink there is a new content platform or ad technology coming out. This puts pressure on media businesses to adapt and keep up with the latest trends.Yet many media companies are already mired in multiple systems that don’t talk to each other, or do so poorly. This results in wasting valuable resource time in a constant cycle of gathering data, reconciling it, and then reporting on it. How do we solve this problem? Enter the customizable CRM.

The customizable CRM: a platform of possibility

Everybody has this vision of purchasing a software system that can do it all for business. Which sounds great in theory. It’s also why the emergence of the CRM is great. CRM’s can help cut down on the excess systems or procedures companies use.

Unfortunately, there is no out of the box solution that will solve all of your needs. I’ve used various different CRM systems in my career and I still find myself occasionally frustrated with what a CRM can’t do. But that’s actually the wrong outlook. Media and publishers need to stop fixating on what a CRM can’t do and focus on what’s possible. A truly effective CRM platform is one that can be customized.

A CRM is like a baby

A CRM is like a baby. Companies need to nurture and grow with it. In the media industry, you need to “teach” your CRM about the CPM rate, impressions, actuals, programmatic, etc. It’s only as smart as we make it.


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