CRMs and the effect of seeing everything

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Does your business need better insight? Shift has published its latest Salesforce ebook on the uses and benefits of gaining company transparency through the CRM. In this ebook you’ll learn about:

  1. Practical transparency: What it is and why it’s needed
  2. Transparency as a double-edged sword: Surveillance vs. intelligence
  3. Transparent communications: the consistent flow of credible data
  4. Tools that enable practical transparency: the CRM
  5. Centralized information and communication: a CRM success story

With better information come better business decisions. The key driver for any organization working toward practical transparency is to enable insight. When implemented the right way, practical transparency encourages teams to make educated decisions, to act based on evidence-based reasoning and to employ data driven analysis – all in the name of increased productivity, innovation and profitability.

Read and download the ebook now.

Triggering transparency via CRM: A companion infographic

How does a CRM enable company transparency? This infographic explains the effect of seeing everything.  Click the infographic to download the ebook now.  Data is provided by Software Advice, a company that gives buyers CRM software options.

Salesforce CRM and Transparency Infographic

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