The CRM market and the (possible) sale of Salesforce

By July 8, 2015CRM News, Salesforce
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The CRM market is an undeniably strong force slowly impacting every vertical and department in a variety of industries. This explosion in popularity is due largely to Salesforce’s cloud-based capabilities. Simply put, the cloud connectivity allows business to deploy the CRM platform quickly and cost-efficiently.

Furthermore, when considering that Salesforce comes in many different forms and is accessible on a plethora of devices – a notable inclusion is the smartwatch – experts have no difficulty finding the correlation between CRM ubiquity and the number of Salesforce users. However, the CRM market could experience a drastic change in the near future.

According to Bloomberg, Inc., an organization worth approximately $49 billion in the CRM and cloud markets, was approached by a potential acquirer, and now the company is working closing with financial advisors as it navigates a vast field of likely buyers. While the source made a point to state that there is no certainty that will take any buyout deals, the idea itself is intriguing. After all, Bloomberg reported that a takeover would be the largest – in terms of value – ever for a software company, and the acquirer would gain an impressive share of the cloud computing market.

Salesforce for sale: Who would buy it?

Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR & Co, said that Oracle is the most “realistic buyer,” according to the source. Ives posited that Oracle is already a leader in the cloud and bringing Marc Benioff, founder, chairman and CEO of, to the Oracle boardroom would be incredibly beneficial.

If is acquired, its CRM platform is likely to improve its integrations with other tech and software.If is acquired, its CRM platform is likely to improve its integration with other tech and software.

Alternative theories were reported by Business Insider, as it listed Microsoft, Google, IBM and SAP as potential acquirers. The source pointed out that Benioff tweeted from Microsoft’s BUILD conference recently, while Google has always been focused on delivering products over the Internet and its enterprise business is steadily growing.

What would it mean for the CRM market? is a unique company in that it quickly grew out of nothing, but now is a well-known name in enterprise IT. If absorbed by a larger tech firm, the question remains whether any aspects of the platform will change. More importantly, there are no answers in regard to what happens to the customer base.

If is acquired, and by a big name organization, it is likely that not much will change in the short term. In the long term, this could mean that businesses get more out of their already powerful CRM systems. The platform could easily become a part of a grander ecosystem of software, and those custom deployments of Salesforce would be even more critical.

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