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April 28, 2020

6 Reasons Now Is The Right Time To (re)Start Your Digital Transformation

COVID-19 has surely had an impact on your media business and the reality is that the entire business world has evolved - and quickly. Your organization may have lost some…


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Shift CRM Wins Partner Innovation Award

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Toronto. Monday, November 18th, 2019 – Today, Salesforce announced the winner of the Partnership Innovation Award, Shift CRM. In 2016, Shift CRM developed an ad sales project for media and…
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Lightning Strikes with Salesforce’s Winter ’20 release

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Since trailhead's release, Shift has been a big fan of the modules. We've learned through our decade of implementation experience and 5 years of lightning implementations/migrations and combed through to…

Replacing Google DSM Part 2: The ‘out of the box’ myth

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Not sure what's happing with DFP Sales Manager? Here's what we know so far. If you’ve been frantically searching for a DFP sales solution, chances are you’ve seen someone offering…

DSM/XSM Deprecation: Preparing for the end of DoubleClick Sales Manager

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Effective immediately, Google is discontinuing the development of DoubleClick Sales Manager. If you rely on the system to manage digital channel sales, you now have 24 months to find a…
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What is Einstein’s “Jeopardy” moment?

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Besides the flying car, few science fiction staples are as long-overdue as Artificial Intelligence. While it’s been a couple years since we saw IBM’s Watson dominating on Jeopardy, AI seems…
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Salesforce Summer 2017 Release: Six things you’ll love (and one you won’t)

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Salesforce recently published its Summer 2017 release notes, and at almost 600 pages long, it's about the same length as the average Harry Potter book. You could read through it, but if…
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The Internet of Things and Salesforce: A kind of conversation

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The Internet of Things, of enabling everyday items to send and receive data through the internet, is slowly entering our lives in amazing ways. Consumers can now interact with routine…