How an advertising agency CRM can promote cohesion among teams

An advertising agency CRM can serve as a platform through which ad agency personnel can share information and collaborate.

One of the benefits of working with an ad agency is that these companies have the knowledge and expertise necessary to connect advertisers with media companies that will expose them to specific target audiences.

Promoting collaboration with an advertising agency CRM

Yet in order to do this, agencies need to encourage communication among ad account planners, account managers and ad salespeople. An advertising agency CRM  can support cohesion by allowing these professionals to share the following information:

  • Dashboards describing the performance of ads placed on specific websites
  • Written assessments of particular media companies that detail the audiences they reach, average readership and other applicable data
  • Alerts applying to trade publications that are actively looking for advertisers

As opposed to delivering this information on an ad hoc basis through email, as an advertising agency CRM, Salesforce provides all those who have access to client accounts with a holistic view of their business. Once all parties involved in the ad development process can develop a clear perception of a client, they can focus on developing strategies that will enhance the advertiser’s brand recognition.

Supporting collaboration among agency sales, account management and account planners is essential. Supporting collaboration among agency sales, account management and account planners is essential.

Establishing a connection between agency sales and account planners 

To get a better idea of how and advertising agency CRM can help agencies promote inter-departmental cohesion, suppose an agency sales rep gets a lead from a third-party logistics provider (3PL). Before making a pitch, the salesperson wants to develop a comprehensive understanding of which market segments the 3PL is trying to reach. After qualifying the lead and getting to the proposal stage, the sales rep converts the lead in the CRM.

From there, the sales rep grants an account planner access to the 3PL’s Salesforce page. Now, the 3PL is logged as an “open opportunity,” allowing both the account planner and the sales rep to scrutinize which services the agency offers that are applicable to the 3PL’s needs.

This simple process makes all the difference, as the more input the sales rep can receive from the account manager, the more applicable his or her proposal will be, in turn increasing the likelihood of a sale occurring. Based on the example above, it’s easy to see how Salesforce can act as an advertising agency CRM through which nearly every professional in an agency can contribute to the sales process.

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