Your Salesforce support consultant is devoted to maximizing adoption, enhancing performance and ensuring the platform aligns with evolving business needs.

Strategic Salesforce technical support that goes beyond troubleshooting

Salesforce technical support is about more than fixing bugs and answering questions. It’s the key to keeping your organization productive, competitive, and on track for long-term success.

At a minimum, ongoing support ensures your Salesforce platform performs flawlessly.

Salesforce technical support services also ensure high adoption rates by helping users feel confident in their skills and motivated to get more out of their participation on the platform.

Most importantly, Salesforce technical support needs to anticipate your organization’s evolving needs and deliver swift, practical solutions that fit your budget and timeline. Salesforce is a living, breathing resource that thrives on innovation: a strategic Salesforce technical support partner helps you understand and incorporate those new technologies that advance your goals and give you an edge in tough markets.

A dedicated consultant backed by a multidisciplinary team

At Shift, your Salesforce technical support is led by a dedicated, senior consultant. Your consultant is tasked with understanding your organization on a technical and business perspective, so they can advise you strategically as well as deliver day-to-day support.

By creating a single point of contact, we can deliver higher levels of accessibility, continuity, and accountability, while ensuring you never waste time bringing someone up to speed.

We also give you access to specialized expertise, with a team of business consulting, solution architecture, and development specialists who can step in to explore or advise on more complex issues as needed.

Whether it’s part of an implementation package or as a stand-alone service, we take the time to understand your organization thoroughly: your company culture, your competitive landscape, and your short- and long-term objectives. With that understanding, we can support you more efficiently and help you make better choices.

Salesforce technical support with a difference

As a Salesforce Partner and a consultancy with a proven track record media for print, digital, outdoor, broadcast and agencies, as well as manufacturing, healthcare, technology and more we deliver both high-level Salesforce expertise and an understand of your unique business environment.

Our approach to Salesforce technical support emphasizes fast turnarounds, value for money, and long-term stability and profitability:

  • Established, proven processes for handling day-to-day questions and issues
  • An agile method that can prioritize changes to fit any budget or timeline
  • A single point of contact to ensure service continuity and accountability
  • An extended team of experts available to provide specialized input as needed
  • A pro-active approach that connects you to updates and innovations sooner