From small businesses to Fortune 1000 enterprises, our clients benefit from our agile, flexible approach and the breadth of our industry expertise.

Clients at Every Stage of the Salesforce Journey

Our clients range from companies who are about to kick-off with Salesforce to those who have been using it for years. We enable new Salesforce clients to see the possibilities in the platform and understand how far the native functionality can take them. Our deep understanding of the Salesforce enables us to configure it effectively, avoiding costly custom development where possible.

Clients with mature Salesforce systems come to us to help them get more from the platform. We work with them to increase low adoption rates, improve user performance, and refresh or extend their current configuration to align it with the ever-evolving needs of their business.

Clients of Every Size—From Small to Enterprise

The diversity of our client list reflects the power and adaptability of the Salesforce platform. From small organizations seeking a simple, affordable solution to Fortune 1000 enterprises requiring complex functionality and consistent performance, Salesforce delivers the results they need.

Our agile consultation and implementation approach is designed to complement the flexibility of the Salesforce platform by scaling to meet the budgets and requirements of businesses of any size. We have successfully deployed solutions for companies with as few as 10 users and for those with more than 1,000.

We meet the needs of enterprise clients with a team of top performers with experience working at Salesforce, Accenture, and Deloitte who have proven track records in managing large-scale implementation and development projects.

For small and mid-sized businesses, we make the most of available budgets by helping you prioritize the features that offer the greatest ROI and using the agile process to maximize efficiency and focus.

Clients from Every Major Industry

Shift’s core clientele spans across media–from print to digital, outdoor to broadcast, and agencies.

Our experience in media enables us to deliver greater value to clients because we understand their unique challenges before we even start their project.

We have also leveraged this vertical expertise to develop a range of off-the-shelf products that help specific industries get more value out of Salesforce without the incurring the costs of custom development.

Featured Clients

Featured Success Stories



Summary: Shift helps a media sharing platform track and grow revenue. Building on the base model of its media management solution, Shift was able to fasttrack a customization project that enabled ShareThis to enhance workflows and create revenue-management processes right inside the platform where those revenues are booked.



Summary: Shift helps a lifestyle media company define their business clearly from front to back end. Observer Media needed to gain a clear line of sight from front to back end, and they were ready to move to a more flexible, future-proof Salesforce environment. Integrating sales, operations and accounting was essential, and to add to the challenge, they wanted to build a fully integrated system using Salesforce Professional edition.



Summary: Shift helps a content delivery company support better teamwork. Tapad’s groundbreaking marketing technology helps their clients connect with consumers in a unified way across devices. But maintaining a connection between their sales and operations teams was equally vital.